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Julisa Robinson

"I am Rachell's publisher for her book, All in the Yes! Unveiling the Diamond Within I am grateful to have met such an anointed Woman of God, in a way that only He could have orchestrated! While I've been able to assist Rachell in her journey of becoming an author,

she has inevitably assisted me in my spiritual journey, growth, and overall development. Rachell's gift overflows from who she is, which is why she was able to make such a major impact on my life, in such a short amount of time. Her willingness to pour out proved to me that she wasn't just talking the talk, but she walks the walk, on a daily basis. If you find yourself in a stuck place, needing guidance, and overall just desiring more clarity in your walk with the Lord - Rachell is the Coach you need in your corner! Grab her book, and schedule a consultation today!"

Brandy Michelle Barnum

"I have known Coach Rachell for 10 plus years. In that time I have gone through many trials and tribulations. With the help of Rachell's Spiritual counseling and my open transparency I was able to overcome. I am so thankful to have found someone that can help me without judgement."

Selina Foster

"I appreciate most about my Life Coach-Leviege: My Life Coach is always available.
When, I truly need that motivational push of encouragement. "Right on Time."
My Life coach- Leviege unknowingly, always tends to randomly check in with me. Whenever I call, I always get a answer or a immediate call back or text.
When life is challenging- A ear for my need to vent is always available. Occasionally, I have been Introduced to great coping mechanisms for "Self Care."
A huge group of networking referrals for career growth and daily living resources. Assist me with structuring my scattered life puzzle pieces into a clear vision for a  "Healthy Lifestyle." I can definitely depend on great leadership and guidance!! My Life Coach has given me "Great Navigation Skills." I must say, with self confidence and assurance I now can live, value and appreciate a Quality Lifestyle..... Thank You."

 Apostle Angela Harris Joshua's Tree Ministries 

"Coach Leviege has been a God given blessing to not just me but my entire ministry. Ministry is not easy to navigate through. Yes, we know God told us to do it and we did say yes, however it is tough. I was in a stump with unclarity in regards to a project that God gave me to in the town of San Diego a couple of years ago. Coach Leviege began to pray for me and deliver a message from God that triggered a fearlessness in me that can't be explained. This message continues to work in me constantly even today. I mean real deliverance! When you take heed to her counseling it causes spiritual growth and action! Her prayers are so clear that it sounds like the voice of God himself. Since I've known her I have come to understand that there are anointed people that agrees with God over your life. I am in awe of God for allowing her to be a part of my walk with him and I will be forever grateful."

Claudia Verde 

"Twelve years ago, I was going through the loss of my brother, during this difficult time I had some many questions that needed answers. This is when the Lord sent me coach LeViege. Her vision, her understanding and the friendship we have developed help me accept my brother’s passing. Coach LeViege guide me in having a more deeper and meaningful connection with God. Coach LeViege is an authentic woman who cares and listens to others. She is the best coach anyone could ever ask for."

To God Be the Glory!
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